Finding a plumber you can trust is a challenge at the best of times.

What if you have a smelly blocked drain, or if you just don’t know exactly what the problem is?

At JJ Plumbing services we have been serving the Gansbaai and surrounding communities including Stanford for over 7 years, and have built up our business reputation through referrals from happy customers.

Our Services include: Assistance with insurance claims, Pipe locating / burst pipe repairs, Drain Specialists, Leak detection specialists / Bathroom upgrades, Shower Floor replacements, Install all Solar Based products, Geyser Replacements, All Maintenance Plumbing / repairs.

You need a qualified plumber in the Gansbaai area like Stanford? We always guarantee personal and professional work.


Contact Us: Cell: 073 254 1747  Home/Fax: 0283841941